We founded and built Euro Select on serving the clinical research industry. Euro Select specializes in working with clinical research organizations in Poland and other countries. According to our estimates, over the last 15 years we have come to know ca. 80% of Polish specialists in the field. We have played an active part in the dynamic growth of the clinical research market, constantly expanding our candidate network and establishing cooperation with new clinical research organizations in Poland.

Key positions

Euro Select specializes in selecting experienced specialists for managerial positions for companies, projects as well as entry level ones. Our candidates have a proven track record in Phase I, II, III and IV clinical trials. Many of them began their careers as clinical research associates, but today they manage global projects in the Europe, United States, Australia and New Zealand.

In particular, we specialize in projects involving the following positions:

1. Medical Director 
2. Clinical Team Leader
3. Clinical Research Manager
4. Associate/Clinical Operations Manger
5. Project Manager
6. Clinical Site Manager
7. Senior/Clinical Research Associate

Range of services

We work with clinical research organizations as well as pharmaceutical companies. We recruit individual researchers and help build researcher teams with matching competencies and personality profiles ("Research Team"). "Entering Poland" is our way to help establish first CRO teams by finding the managers with excellent professional and entrepreneurial skills. Additionally, we perform market research and help our clients to build competitive job offers ("Competitive Bid"). Our candidates are Polish nationals with experience of working in Poland and abroad.

Research Team

The dynamic growth of clinical research market in 2004 dramatically increased the demand for Project Managers and CRAs. Clients simultaneously sought multiple candidates to build researcher teams. Within our "Research Team" service we help our clients build their teams by finding the best Project Managers, then selecting Clinical Trial Monitors with a matching profile to build a versatile team of mutually complementary specialists in clinical trials.

Entering Poland

Since the beginning of 2000 we have seen growing interest in the Polish clinical research market. To meet this demand, we have developed a dedicated model of service. This means that we find the head of Polish branch and key team members without the need for our client to send representatives to Poland. Once we have understood the nature of our client's enterprise and its needs, we can pre-select candidates and then present only short-listed talents, who can be interviewed at your headquarters.

Competitive Bid

Intensifying competition on the clinical research market changed employees' expectations vis-a-vis their employers. Success in the job market requires that contracts for new employees as well offer upgrades for existing ones are optimized. Unsatisfactory terms will cause an outflow of specialists whereas overly generous offers will be too costly. This is where we come in, advising our clients on how to build their proposals based on market insights and in-depth understanding of how value is perceived by recruited specialists. This helps us balance satisfaction among candidates and limit costs to employers.


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